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I have a confession to make…

Before this weekend, I have never been to Montreal.

Gasp. I know.

I have passed through the city via planes, trains and automobiles but have never spent a decent amount of time there. So I thought to myself, what better time to lose my Montreal virginity then on Canada Day? There was none.

With our bikes packed in the back of my SUV, my gentleman and I hit the road bright and early on July 1st to celebrate Canada`s birthday in one of this country`s most vibrant, romantic and historical cities.

The Canadian tuxedo at its best. After a few pints at Brutopia (I recommend - - their IPA was delic as was the food) we happened to stroll pass the Montreal Museum of Fine Art and took in the Jean Paul Gaultier Exhibition.

OK. These manicans (models) had talking faces. Today's Special? Anyone?

Montreal natives will want me dead-or-alive for what I'm about to say, but here goes it. Montreal poutine is good. But not as good as what I have had in Toronto. Montreal fries with a side of mayonaisse on the other hand, the best. An unlikely combo in Ontario, I was very pleased.

Montreal native friends of ours told us about Beautys’ – better known as the grand daddy of Montreal Brunch eateries, it has been serving brunch since 1942. Walking into Beautys’ was like walking back in time. The long line outside this joint is definetly worth the wait.

You may be distracted by my sweet Ombré in this photo, but try to overt your eyes to the breakfast king standing above me. The original owner of Beautys' who welcomes each and every guest at the door. I salute you, breakfast king.

What would a weekend in Montreal be without taking in the Tamtams. Thousands of people gather every Sunday in Mont Royal Park to dance, sing and drum along with this Montreal drum circle.

Next time I'm bringing my triangle.


My gentleman managed to get in on a pick-up baseball game with a group of regulars that get together every weekend in Mont Royal Park. A team made up of young and old (the youngest was 14 and the oldest had to have been pushing 70) - the players have very little in common aside from their love for baseball. Watching this fast-pace game from the stands while sipping on Heineken was one of the highlights of this weekend.


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