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Recently I stumbled upon a Jeanne Beker interview with fashion figure Michelle Harper and was inspired (to say the least) by her one-of-a-kind sense of style. I enjoy incorporating fun and unique pieces into my wardrobe, but far too often I find myself holding back and therefore take less risks. It’s women like Michelle Harper that inspire me to create my own style regardless of what trends are present. In the words of this iconic role model, personal style has nothing to do with trends, it has everything to do with dreaming.

Sweet dreams friends.

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Perhaps you are sitting inside on this beautiful fall day bored out of your mind. Or maybe you are downtown stolling the streets of our beloved Byward Market. Whatever it is you’re doing, drop it and make your way to Victoire Boutique for their annual Vintage Dress Sale. The ladies of Victoire have toured the states and different parts of Canada searching for some of the treasures that are currently on display in the shop today. I just arrived home with some treats from the sale which is going on until 7 pm this eve. For those of you who are sick of your wardrobe like myself and want something that no one else has, check out You love vintage and vintage loves you. In case you need some more convincing, check out some of the gems I tried on this afternoon below. You’re welcome. – J.

The perfect New Year's get-up? I think so.

Oh hey there Jackie O! It broke my heart to leave without this one, but alas my badonkadonk was not helping the situation.

Came home with these Valérie Dumaine leggings which I have been having dreams about for quite sometime now. WIN.

This dress which came from White Elephant ( makes me wish I was born in an earlier era. Betty Draper, I heart you.

MINE. You will find me sipping lemonade at a picnic in this little number.

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Good morning friends and cyberspace!

I am excited to share a fun project with you this a.m.  as my lack of posting is not because I was on summer vacation… I have yet to experience this phenomena… but rather, I have been busy with a guest blog post that is being featured on Magpie Jewellery Ottawa!

Check it out HERE and let me know what you think!

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Anyone for a game of checkers?

WANTED: a shoulder strap for this arm candy.

Garbage style chic or Rihanna S&M?

What a beaut.

Beach babe.

Why do we care what purses and coats look like on the inside? Don't know, don't care. Its pretty and I like it.

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