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Spool No.72 Clothing Company, Chinook Rugged Vintage Luggage $580. This lovely luggage set does not come with a bell boy nor does it have wheels. Problematic.

Mara Hoffman, Jungle Underwire Bandeau Bikini $178. For those of you jerks who are going somewhere warm this winter.

Spool No.72 Clothing Company, Toboggan Fringe Sweater $72. Yetti-chic.

For those of you who have pet ants that are skilled artists.

All Saints, Aztec Dress. $Lame. Not available in Canada., Tularosa Coat in Afternoon $119.99 If you haven`t checked out do it now. Great prices. Unique pieces. I wish the reason I`m sharing this with you was because they send me free shit. They don`t... nor does anyone.

The perfect holiday sweater with, or without a belt. Designer unknown.

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Anyone for a game of checkers?

WANTED: a shoulder strap for this arm candy.

Garbage style chic or Rihanna S&M?

What a beaut.

Beach babe.

Why do we care what purses and coats look like on the inside? Don't know, don't care. Its pretty and I like it.

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Throughout the five-year life of Victoire Boutique, this local Ottawa business has gained national praise for being a beautifully merchandised and friendly shop while building a reputation for hosting Canadian designers and innovative business practices. What began as the wild dream of two very young women has become a reality. This past Saturday marked the store`s five-year anniversary and a dream-themed celebration was in order. As a thank you to customers for their years of support, Victoire hosted a 40 per cent off sale followed by a celebration in the eve. Fortunes were told, a Ouija cake was shared and guests raised their glasses to Victoire Boutique for reaching this milestone and proving that dreams really do come true.

The lovely and stylish Miss Katie (right) and Regine (left), owners and co-founders of Victoire cut the cake on this special day.

Or else...

Note the beautiful bouquet. Also note the adorable short cut this gal is rocking, really made me want to chop off my locks.

Vegan Ouija cake was a hit! Thanks to Auntie Loo`s Treats for creating this master piece. It was almost too pretty to eat... almost.

Momma daughter moment. Katie`s adorable little girl kept everyone entertained for the bulk of the evening.

Myself, Regine, Katie and Victoire mascot posing for a not-so-candid shot. Say Ouija!

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A few weeks ago when back in the valley for a little R&R, a girlfriend and I decided to lose our auction virginity and hit up an estate auction in Cobden, Ontario. It was here that I found two vintage Pyrex mixing bowls in red and blue. I was familiar with the Pyrex name through my mother and grandmother’s trust in this long-standing brand and knew that the bowls would stand the test of time as well as brighten up my kitchen ware.

My new-found love for auctioning combined with Etsy obsession helped me locate the missing yellow and green bowls to form my now completed, primary-coloured collection. I should give credit to Donkee House, an Etsy shop that sells vintage home decor, housewares and kitchen supplies. Donkee House, based out of Queens NY shipped my bowls up to Canada in little time with much care.

I can’t wait to clean out (yes, with my fingers) cookie dough out of these bright coloured addition to my growing vintage collection of kitchen ware.

Yellow and Green goodness.

Too bad I didn't buy these in 1940... could have saved a few bucks.They might be too pretty to make messes with...

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The purse gods have answered my prayers.

I’m normally not a big fan of Coach as I am a true believer that the brand’s success has resulted in its downfall. The brands that I follow devoutly are understated while delivering a high quality product.

Brands like Marc Jacobs or Chloé (although I can’t afford either) – I have a great deal of respect for as much of they’re reputation is based on the quality and design of the product opposed to a label that people associate with a steep price tag. This is not to say that the well-versed fashionista’s out there don’t know that a Chloé handbag can be quite pricey, however brands like Marc Jacobs and Chloé whisper loudly rather than shouting in your face.

Which brings me to praising Coach for steering in a new direction with the above Coach Classics collection, understated and timeless, this line involves five iconic bags originally designed by Bonnie Cashin in the 70s the line is to be sold exclusively on Net-A-Porter June 15.

I will be waiting with my cursor over BUY to add one of these gems to my wardrobe this spring.

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